Reading Week at Southborough Primary School

There was lots going on last week at Southborough Primary School.
It was their Reading Week and I went in for a couple of sessions to photograph, amongst other things, dads and grandads reading in the classrooms, trips up to Southborough library and a visit by the Mayor of Southborough, Jacqui Jedrzejewski, who came and read to three different age groups. The Ugly Duckling was a real hit with the little ones and the story was helped along by a small squeaking duck which Jacqui had brought along and got passed around for everyone to have a go.
When asked, ‘Where did you get the duck?’ she replied ‘Sainsbury’s.’ (Other supermarkets are available and I’m sure they all do a fine range of squeaking ducks too).
One of the highlights of the week was the visit by author and illustrator Paul Geraghty. As well as being a very talented storyteller and artist, Paul has a unique way of presenting in front of a live audience. He certainly kept the children enthralled with his distinct style, especially the way he strongly emphasises certain words like ‘book’ and ‘school’ to give them extra weight. After three sessions of storytelling and questions from the children, Paul did a book-signing session. The queue was long and winding around the Junior hall.
The rest of the pictures can be viewed here.

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