Autumn Morning Spiders Webs

Isn’t nature wonderful?
Yes, it’s that time of year when spiders really go about their business. The large-legged ones that dare to come inside the house, usually end up under a glass until myself or Maggie (my eight year old) are around to put them back outside.
This morning, I dusted off the macro lens and took the camera into the garden looking for some interesting patterns. Hand holding a macro lens at about a foot away with a slight breeze is a little hit and miss, but that’s where digital really comes in handy (to preview the pics on the back of the camera).
Anyway, I couldn’t help but be totally amazed at the formation of the droplets on the web. No wonder so many artists and creative types go back to nature for their inspiration.
If anyone knows the type of garden spider here, feel free to let me know. My research only managed to narrow it down to about five types.

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