Pic of the week #16

This morning, as the temperature dropped and a light flurry of snow appeared, it finally felt like Winter was here.

We seem to have got off quite lightly so far and I’ve even spotted Spring daffodils coming through.

I love photographing Winter weddings. Many photographers are put off by the lack of light and predominance of indoor shots. It’s true that the light is usually gone by 4pm – something that can be missed by couples planning a late ceremony. If you’re lucky and have a good weather day, the light can be amazing but there is usually a trade-off with the amount of time anyone is prepared to stay outside as the fingers and toes numbness sets in.

The inside stuff is no different from photographing a wedding in the Summer. Couples often choose Winter weddings as they want that intimate, cosy feel of log fires and mulled wine.

As a documentary style wedding photographer, I shoot low light situations with fast prime lenses often wide open with the ISO usually set between 1600-6400. I can feel confident in doing this because the files produced by the Canon 5D MKII are lovely. These images that have a great depth of field managing to retain the ambiance of the scene without artificially lighting it with on-camera flash.

Here, the bride Vikki is making her way up to St Margaret’s Church in Ditchling to marry Ben. I’m sure Vikki would have liked to have worn her Ugg boots all day, but she did change them at the church door. The reception was held at Pangdean Farm.

Winter wedding photography

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