Cooden Beach

black and white photo of Cooden Beach

The majority of my week is spent dealing with all things ‘wedding photography‘. By shooting a wedding, I create a whole load of work for myself to do afterwards. This is unlike other suppliers working on the wedding, such as florists and dressmakers; most of their work is all done before the wedding. Apart from any initial meetings and exchanging a few emails, my part in their wedding day really starts on the day. Once shot, it’s back to download and back up the pictures, before the editing process begins. This I must admit, is not my favourite part of the process as it means I’m sat in front of a screen for many hours but I realise it’s an essential part of the workflow and I like to do it myself. I was there on the day and I have an understanding of what was shot and how the day run.

I’ve had many emails from companies in the past, offering to give me my life back and do this work for me, allowing me to get out and do the fun stuff like photographing more. But like a lot of people working for themselves, I like to see the process through from start to finish. I know how I like my RAW files to look once I’ve done the adjustments and which pictures will convert nicely to black and white. And as for album planning, why would anyone want a third party to design an album? When you’re trying to sell yourself in a competitive market, these skills and attributes make up the whole package.

Of course, being your own boss means you have to be fairly disciplined as distractions come thick and fast, especially on the social networking side. I usually like to lessen the monotony of screen-staring with marathon sessions of listening to Bob Harris or Mike Harding and The Archers Omnibus is usually done and dusted by lunchtime on Monday. I can please myself as to when Barney, our dog gets walked and make sure I get my phonecalls done before 3.30pm when the kids get home, as the volume level increases.

This blog post title is called Cooden Beach as we have a family beach hut down there in East Sussex. A few weeks ago, on a glorious day, we set off from Tunbridge Wells in bright sunshine but as we neared the coast, this disappeared as there was a sea fog in the air. I took Barney for a walk along the beach towards the Cooden Beach Hotel and was amazed at how eerie it all looked. There was some sun behind this fog which gave a fantastic glow and I took some shots of the breakwaters (or groynes) on the way up to the hotel.

On the way back, the fog was slowly clearing and some boys were hanging out on the breakwater, walking and jumping between the uprights, which made for some nice pictures.

I’ll post again soon with some pics from later on in the afternoon – lovely evening light and an amazing sunset.

Cooden Beach photograph

Sea fog at Cooden Beach

Cooden Beach photo

At the time of photographing, I never saw the man in the picture. Slightly spooky.

pictures of Cooden Beach

Cooden Beach picture

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