Pic of the week #19

I love this picture from a couple of years back when I photographed the wedding of Rebecca and Steven at St Lawrence Church in Bidborough followed by a reception at Bore Place in Chiddingstone. When I arrived in the morning, Rebecca had pointed out this photograph of her on the dresser as a bridesmaid taken way back when she was a child. I thought it would be good to use this framed picture combined with something of her on her own wedding day in the same picture without it being too blatant. I didn’t want her holding the photo or anything like that, so I framed the shot with both elements in as she came into the room for the first time in her wedding dress.

I’ve been a documentary wedding photographer at Bore Place on a few occasions. It’s mostly used a study centre and organic farm but it makes for a great wedding reception venue with it’s intriguing buildings, wild spaces and walled gardens around the large water feature.

wedding photographer at Bore Place

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