The One We Love #1

Picture chosen and words written by my clients

The One We Love is going to be a new regular feature on this blog. Essentially, I’m asking my lovely wedding couples which picture they love the most. I know which pictures I like and I blog about them after the wedding and feature them on my galleries as the sort of style I’m trying to promote. But in the The One We Love, it’s going to be what they like. They’re free to choose any picture from any part of the day and for whatever reason. It may be because they love the emotion conveyed, the composition, the people that feature, the memories the image evokes or the fact that it just makes them smile.

Once the picture has been chosen, they will give me an explanation in no more than 150 words and I will quote them in full and add nothing else. I’ve had lots of replies so far from couples saying they are up for it, but first off is a picture from Jess and Chris’s wedding about a year ago at Great Fosters in Surrey. Jess got back to me so quickly that she fully deserves to go first.

Here’s the image they chose:

The One We Love - Jess & Chris's wedding at Great Fosters, Surrey

 And here’s what they had to say about it –

“I love this photo because it captures the very essence on our relationship. We laugh everyday and have so much fun together – even during our wedding ceremony, which was so emotional and moving, you immortalised the moment where we cracked up laughing.  It’s relaxed and honest, and I will cherish this photo forever. Thank you!”

If you’d like to see what other wedding couples chose and what they had to say about their “The One We Love”, I’ve added a new page to my website.

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