The One We Love #6

Wedding at Cripps Barn

Today’s choice of favourite wedding photograph (chosen by the couple with words explaining why) comes from Anna and Rob who had their winter wedding at Cripps Barn in Gloucestershire last December.

wedding at Cripps Barn

Here’s what they said about it –

“This photo has got to be my favourite from our wedding day. I love how natural and at ease we both are; it captures a sincere moment of delight and hilarity. At this point we had just got married and were deliriously chatting about how funny and wonderful the whole experience had been. I love that we clearly don’t mind a jot that it’s pelting down with rain, in fact the photo wouldn’t be the same without it as we definitely wouldn’t be laughing so hard. It also never fails to make me smile as the umbrella was bespoke and shaped like a heart (I loved how it would look on all the photos). Alas, on the day, I totally forgot this and have lots of photos of us wandering around with a wonky-looking umbrella; typical.  Craig captured a wonderful, natural, happy, charming moment between us and it will stay in a frame on our bedside table until we’re old and grey.”
Anna and Rob at Cripps Barn

Anna asked me in the email if that was “okay”? Yeah, I suppose it will do….only kidding, loved it and the last line made my wife go “aah”.

If you’ve had your wedding photographed by me and would like to choose your favourite picture, please get in touch. You’ll need to describe why you love it in no more than 150 words and I will send you a print by way of thanks.

To see what other wedding couples chose and what they had to say about their “The One We Love”, I’ve added a new page to my website.

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