Morris Men

I didn’t have a wedding to shoot last weekend but I did have a dog photo session to do in my guise as The Dog Snapper.

Morris Men

The couple whose dog I was to photograph wanted to do the session at Harrison’s Rocks in Groombridge and I needed reminding where they are so we agreed to meet at The Junction Inn  in Groombridge and then going up from there. I arrived a few minutes early on a lovely blue sky day and the Morris Men were out in force dancing in front of the pub. I don’t know how long they had been there but I grabbed my camera and got in amongst them as I knew the couple would be along soon.

This is very much up my street. Although there are Morris teams in other countries, it’s very much seen as something in the English tradition. The Morris dance goes back centuries and is a form of English folk dance usually accompanied to music. I know it takes a lot of stick from many people, but in this day and age of X Factor and other so called talent shows, I think this is a tradition to be celebrated.

I was literally there for only five minutes before the dog shoot family turned up and I had to head off, but I think I’m right in saying one or all of these were from The Hartley Morris Men and according to their website, they were on their “Larkins’  Tour” and were heading off later to Eridge and finishing in Tunbridge Wells. I think I’m going to make this a project for another time because it’s just great visually and the blokes that do it seem like quite a friendly bunch. The beer’s good too.

Morris MenMorris MenMorris MenMorris MenMorris MenMorris Men

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