The One We Love #7

Wedding in Pembrokeshire

Debs and James chose their favourite photograph for today’s “The One We Love” post. This is the regular feature where the couple choose their favorite image and explain (in no more than 150 words) why they love it. They had their wedding in Pembrokeshire at the Gellifawr Hotel a couple of years back.

Here’s the image they chose –

wedding in Pembrokeshire

And here’s what they said about it –

“Trying to choose a favorite image from our day was quite a challenge, there really are so many great ones. We believe this photo sums up our wedding – love, laughter and happiness. The photo says it all!
Craig has the remarkable ability of taking photos whilst blending into the crowd – many of our favorites we didn’t even know he was taking! Thanks to his amazing photos we can both continue to remember our fabulous day.”
Debs and James in Pembrokeshire

If you’ve had your wedding photographed by me and would like to choose your favourite picture, please get in touch. You’ll need to describe why you love it in no more than 150 words and I will send you a print by way of thanks.

To see what other wedding couples chose and what they had to say about their “The One We Love”, I’ve added a new page to my website.

You can also follow me on Twitter and I will be adding this image to my Facebook Page – once there, feel free to share the images with your Facebook friends. New Facebook Page likers always welcome!

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