Rosie and Ian’s wedding in Yorkshire

Rosie and Ian’s wedding in Yorkshire on the final weekend in May was superb. The sun shone, the venues were lovely and so were the guests.

Travelling there the day before, on a Bank Holiday weekend, wasn’t much fun though. The sat nav said four hours but it took about that to get past Peterborough. By the time I’d reached the Humber Bridge, I had scrubbed the idea about checking out the church and decided to do that early in the morning.

Rosie’s family home was going to be the venue and a large marquee had been erected in the garden. It really was a lovely setting and you could tell that massive amounts of work had been put in to make the gardens look fantastic. I believe that Rosie’s sisters had had their wedding receptions there too and all the family was around on the morning when I arrived. Everything was pretty calm on the getting ready front despite the rushing around sorting out the little people. Rosie looked amazing in her dress by Emma Hunt.

I had gone up to the town of Beverley earlier on, passing Beverley Race Course on the way to St John of Beverley RC Church. The fields were full of buttercups and cows roamed free, crossing the race course road on their way towards an ice cream van.

Ian had been a guest at Gemma and Henry’s wedding at Polhawn Fort in Cornwall that I had photographed a couple of years ago. Gemma and Henry, were guests here too with a new addition – little Gabriel. It was really good to see them again. There was quite a big Cambridge University connection to this wedding and there was an air of style and sophistication wherever you looked with lots of elegantly dressed ladies and good looking blokes.

Inside the church, the priest had been very welcoming and accommodating . I chose a  position at the front of the church (I normally shoot from the back of the aisle) giving me a good view of the vows and ring exchange. The ceremony was put on hold as the coaches transporting a great number of the guests had turned up (very) late due to a driver/sat nav cock up. I might be wrong but if your job is to get people from A to B on time, it’s probably a good idea to plan your route before hand? I had come out earlier in the day to familiarise myself with the route and this isn’t the main part of my job.

It’s funny what the vows can do to perfectly capable and intelligent people! Normally there’s the odd stumble on a word – ‘solemnly’ usually gets them and names sometimes get missed off and put in the wrong order. But I think this was the first time that a bride had actually said her own name wrong! I do like moments like this. It goes to show that every wedding throws up it’s own little foibles which in this instance, broke the tension of the situation and resulted in a nice little sequence of images.

For a few moments, the light on Rosie and Ian during the ceremony was a gift. They had their own little spot light which meant I could expose for them and leave the rest underexposed, which made for some lovely atmospheric shots.

Photographically, the send off from the church was great. After being showered with confetti, they got in a gorgeous open topped MG surrounded by all the guests before driving off  waving out the back. We stopped off at Burton Bushes just on the other side of Beverley Race Course and had a wander through a bluebell wood, before heading back to the house for the reception. It was great to have such fine weather which meant that the guests spread out more and I had room to move about.

The party got going straightaway – no hanging about – these people knew how to have a good time! Although, I was pretty pooped and had a long drive home ahead of me, I had thoroughly enjoyed this wedding and knew that in the next few days, once I’d gone through them all, a really nice set of images would start to appear.

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