Daily portrait project – #portrait365

First month done in the #portrait365 daily portrait project and I have to say I’m really enjoying it.

I set myself the task (starting on the 1st January) of photographing a different person every day this year. Mostly, they will be strangers but sometimes they are friends or people I recognize in my local area. Hopefully, some of them will take on a seasonal flavour, reflecting topical events (e.g. the panto dame), the weather (e.g. the floods in Tonbridge Park), sporting events etc, like the World Cup to come in the Summer.

daily portrait projectI’ve found some days are easier than others. Trevor the UPS man coming to the door was about as easy as it gets. Other times like last Sunday afternoon when it was peeing down in Southborough and no one was around, it’s a little harder. Luckily Graham was also out in the foul weather putting the goalposts away on the Ridgeway so that was day 026 done.

I’ve been amazed at how up for it most people are. I usually just find someone I want to photograph and approach them with my well-rehearsed spiel, show them what I’ve done on my phone and this usually does the trick.

These portraits are supposed to be a quick thing. Mostly they take 1-2 minutes and are not set up with any additional lighting or anything. They may not win any awards but I’ve had some nice comments and hopefully it’ll get people talking and that’s all good.

daily portrait project

If you’ve missed any, just scroll back as I’m posting them to the blog every day and there’s a dedicated page on my website http://www.craigprentis.co.uk/portrait365/

All the photos have been added to the online web gallery where prints, framed prints and high res files can be purchased – here’s the link http://craigprentis.zenfolio.com/portrait365

They’ll also be added to my Craig Prentis Photography Facebook Page and shared on other social media like my Google+ Page

Thank you to anyone who has liked, commented or shared any of these daily portrait project posts – that’s very much appreciated.

One month down, eleven to go. In the words of Magnus Magnusson, “I’ve started so I’ll finish.”

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