The One We Love #9

For this week’s “The One We Love” picture, Hannah and Stuart have chosen an image from their wedding at Penshurst Place last year.

I don’t normally put group shots on my blog, but “The One We Love” series is about the choice of the couple, so they are free to choose whichever image they like and for whatever reason. This one has particular significance for the couple as Stuart is a soldier serving in Afghanistan.

wedding at Penshurst Place

Wedding at Penshurst Place

Here’s what they had to say about the image and it’s significance to the wedding –

“We have picked this picture as our favourite as it’s the only picture of me integrating into the army life with us all standing to attention, allowing me to become a part of Stu’s daily life. It is also bringing me closer to the boys, creating a family. These boys, who did the guard of honour, are now obliged to look after us for the rest of our married lives.”

If you’ve had your wedding photographed by me and would like to choose your favourite picture, please get in touch. You’ll need to describe why you love it in no more than 150 words and I will send you a print by way of thanks.

To see what other wedding couples chose and what they had to say about their “The One We Love”, I’ve added a new page to my website.

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