Tonbridge Castle wedding

I got an enquiry just after the New Year from Ellie and Jon as they were planning a very low-key, hush, hush Tonbridge Castle wedding on Valentine’s Day.

Tonbridge Castle wedding

Like many couples, they had decided around Christmas time to get married and wanted a very small gathering of only eight people, including their parents and two children for the ceremony part at Tonbridge Castle. The following day, they were holding a so-called ‘engagement party’ and the rest of the family and friends had been invited. This, of course, would be the time that they would announce that they had, in fact, got married the day before and this was now a wedding party celebration.

So the whole wedding was split over the two days and I was there for a few hours on each of the days to capture it.

As you’ll remember, the weather back in February was pretty awful with lots of flooding up and down the country. Tonbridge suffered quite badly and on the day, it rained heavily. The castle is a prominent feature in the town and luckily high up and away from the flooded River Medway below. The ceremony took place in the Medieval Gateway which very much has a castle feel about it – big stone walls, coats of arms on the wall and no heating. It’s also very dimly lit, so this was a challenge in itself. There wasn’t a lot of hanging around afterwards as it was still raining and blowing a gale so the eight of them made their way to the Hotel du Vin in Tunbridge Wells for a planned meal. I followed and took a few shots of Ellie and Jon at the hotel before heading off.

The following evening, the rest of the family had gathered at the Mount Edgcumbe for a meal before the evening guests arrived to celebrate the ‘engagement’. I had to keep out of the way until Jon announced that they had in fact got married the day before. It felt strange hanging around behind a wall until Jon had announced what they had done and quickly popping out to capture the looks on the faces. This could have been an awkward moment with some family members feeling left out for not coming along the day before but it all seemed to go OK.

The two days were a little different from how I normally cover a wedding but that’s no bad thing. I even managed to get a few photos over to Ellie from the ceremony before the party and these were shown around to their guests on the iPad. Pretty much standard these days.

It’s always nice to receive good feedback and Ellie had this to say,

“Thanks so much for our wedding photos! We are really, really pleased with them! Exactly what we wanted…and more!! Thank you so much.”

Tonbridge Castle wedding

Tonbridge Castle wedding

Tonbridge Castle wedding

If you’d like to see all the photos from the wedding, click here but you’ll need to get the password from Ellie and Jon, not me!

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