Wedding at The Old Kent Barn

A few photos from Ami and Michael’s wedding at The Old Kent Barn in Swingfield. Last Summer seems an age away now we are fully into Winter and the wood burner is being stoked up daily.

This was the first wedding at The Old Kent Barn that I had photographed since the new barn had been built. Previously, bridal preparations had taken place upstairs in the old barn with the meal and evening reception in a marquee. Now these take place in the new barn which must work so much better for the owners especially with so many weddings taking place at the venue each year.

It’s always good to photograph a ceremony outside and for this, there’s the lovely gazebo area. Balancing the light levels of the couple during the ceremony in the shade with their guests in full sunshine is a little tricky, but that’s how it is. And no, I’m not using any fill in flash during a ceremony – far too obtrusive.

Finding shady areas is always on my mind during weddings. Bright sunshine and blue skies are lovely if you’re a guest with a glass in your hand, but photographing in such harsh light in the middle of the day can be problematic. I’d much rather have a bit of cloud cover softening the light or photograph people in the shade. But I do love the ‘golden hour’ just before sunset when the sun is really low and giving out lovely warm light and long shadows. Luckily we had some of that later and the guests took full advantage.

A few nice words from Michael and Ami:
“Hi Craig, we have just got back from honeymoon so have only now just had a chance to look through the photos. They are amazing and both Ami and I are over the moon with them.”

If you are planning a wedding at The Old Kent Barn or anywhere else, I’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch.

wedding at The Old Kent Barn

wedding at The Old Kent Barn

wedding at The Old Kent Barn

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wedding Kent


wedding Swingfield


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