Favourite wedding photos of 2015

When it comes to reviewing the previous year, I can’t compete with newspapers. They all had their reviews of the year done at the end of December. But I’m only a week late and here it is – my favourite wedding photos of 2015.

It is always tricky to choose. Luckily, some of the weddings had already had been rated in Lightroom, the program I use to catalogue and correct the images. The idea is that some time during the wedding editing process, I will rate the photos that appeal to me with 3, 4 or 5 stars. This in itself, helps narrow down the numbers I have to go through. Other colour tags are used for shots that need to go to other places like my Facebook Page. Spending time in front of a screen has never been my favourite part of this job, but it is a necessary evil. By adding the boring tasks of applying keywords, tags and star ratings to the workflow, it does make finding images a lot easier in the long run.

It is no surprise (well to me anyway) that they are mostly observational moments rather than posed shots. I am always more drawn to these types of image and I feel that they sum up my style and approach to wedding photography.

I hope you like them – feel free to leave a comment if you do.

Favourite wedding photos of 201503_KS_10004_NR_30205_LD_07002_NS_12006_KM_38109_NR_33210_KM_340Favourite wedding photos of 201514_JP_34015_SL_04016_SS_14417_SL_28818_NR_05319_IM_29420_JC_323Favourite wedding photos of 2015Favourite wedding photos of 201523_JC_22424_KS_18225_IM_052Favourite wedding photos of 201527_SS_03228_CD_19075_LD_04303_NS_32330_CW_508Favourite wedding photos of 201532_KM_22133_CG_059Favourite wedding photos of 201535_LN_06036_KM_44039_NR_04640_NC_40341_IM_03242_SR_35643_IM_33644_SR_02645_CW_09946_NC_39347_GR_21848_NJ_07049_LD_24750_SR_048Favourite wedding photos of 201504_NS_39453_KS_36454_KS_10855_SR_436Favourite wedding photos of 201557_JC_15358_NJ_28859_SR_30760_NJ_306Favourite wedding photos of 201562_NJ_31263_ST_07665_KM_24566_LN_38567_SP_17369_JP_04970_LD_02971_JP_36073_NR_23576_GR_03178_CG_378Favourite wedding photos of 201580_GR_39883_SS_15684_CD_08086_SR_13501_NS_06790_SR_41091_MM_18992_LD_22193_JC_260Favourite wedding photos of 201595_KS_368

I hope you liked my choices? Please feel free to leave a comment.

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