Favourite wedding images of 2016

So another year has passed. Time for me to dig out some of my favourite wedding images of 2016.  It’s always interesting to go back and look at what was photographed relatively recently. As well as the photos I remember quite well from the previous year, I’m always pleased to find images I had forgotten about. Some just get overlooked at the time, for whatever reason. Quite a lot of the images here, didn’t feature first time around but, I think now, deserve a second look.

You can either watch the video (4 mins) or view the images below in the post.

I tend to rate images solely for my own satisfaction. I use Lightroom to edit and catalogue the images on every job I do. If they are deemed worthy of remembering, I award them a 3, 4 or 5 star rating. That way, I can recall them quickly and easily on a filtered search. Those marked five are real favourites, fours I like a lot and threes are good too. These ratings can go up and down depending on my mood at that moment. It’s all very subjective.

What I tend to like are storytelling moments. These are the images that tend to get picked out and rated. I do shoot other stuff on a wedding day. Details, some groups, the venue etc. But I’m mostly hired as an observer, someone there to document the day not direct it. As long as there are like-minded couples out there, willing to let me get on with doing what I do best, then that’s all good. I always find that the most enjoyable weddings (and couples) are those that aren’t planned to the nth degree.

I actually went back through everything again to find my favourite wedding images of 2016. All 15000 images. It took a couple of days but for me, it’s quite a therapeutic exercise. Even the process of speeding through each wedding I shot helps to get the measure of where I am year on year. I’m now going into my 14th year of covering weddings. I’m much better equipped now (and not just gear-wise) than I ever was back at the start.

Roll on 2017…

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