#portrait365 – a year-long, personal portrait project

I started it on January 1st and photographed one person, every day, until the end of the year. On the 31st December, I had 365 portraits and I posted one photo every day on the blog.

What was it all for?
Well, it was an idea I had to get me out of my house and away from the dreaded editing screen (although I did end up creating more work for myself, but in a good way). A chance to do something a little more challenging that required a bit of effort. It meant that I often had to approach complete strangers and convince them that I wasn’t a complete weirdo.

What was I looking for in my picture?
Interesting faces, characters, situations, juxtapositions, angles, light. Some were close-ups, some were smaller in the frame using the surroundings. Some colour, some black and white.

Where can I view the images?
I’ve post a picture daily on the blog page of my website and also on my Facebook Page. I also tweeted after uploading each picture (Twitter @craig_prentis ) and tagged each post from this project with portrait365

I used my Fuji x100s for every photo as it went with me everywhere. It was a great little fixed lens camera (equivalent of 35mm focal length) and was discreet and portable.

Each photograph took no longer than five minutes. Some of the portrait subjects just gave me their name and occupation, but others chatted for ages telling me all about themselves. This, I really enjoyed and I had some great conversations with people I would have never spoken to had I not taken on the project.

Can I buy the photos?
Yes, I have added each image to the #portrait365 online web gallery.  There you can order loose prints, framed prints or even the high resolution image as a jpeg download.

#portrait365 project - all 365 images