The One We Love #8

For this week’s “The One We Love” picture, Karen and Mark have chosen an image from their wedding at The Olde Bell Hurley.

Their wedding was an Anglo-German affair and they decided to incorporate a German wedding tradition into the proceedings.

wedding at The Olde Bell in Hurley

Wedding at The Olde Bell Hurley

Here’s what they had to say about the image and it’s significance to the wedding –

“We found it very hard to pick a favourite photo of our wedding. There are so many brilliant pictures that capture the joy of our wedding day, and many of them don’t even include us.
But we really love this photo of us sawing the tree trunk. Having the wedding in the UK, it meant so much to us that Karen’s family and so many German school friends travelled to be with us. Karen’s Dad had especially sourced the big saw and the Holzbock (sawing trestle), her Mum had made hundreds of metres of Anglo/German bunting and they had driven from Berlin to transport it all. So it was great to be able to incorporate some German wedding traditions into our day and to see everyone embrace those traditionswith such gusto (as you can see from people’s faces in the background) and be so welcoming of each other. Seeing both our families and our friends get on so well and enjoying the day has been one of our fondest memories of our wedding day.
The sawing of the tree trunk is also symbolic – it is the first obstacle the newlyweds face together, and it can only be overcome by working together and pulling on the saw (and not by pushing). Over the many years we had been together before we got married, and in our first year as a married couple, we have pulled together and become ever stronger as a team. So conquering that tree trunk on our wedding day very much reflects how we are as a couple, and how we hope to continue together for the rest of our lives.
Needless to say, Craig managed to capture the moment beautifully, and we just love the way the light and shadows are captured.”
Karen and Mark at The Olde Bell in Hurley

If you’ve had your wedding photographed by me and would like to choose your favourite picture, please get in touch. You’ll need to describe why you love it in no more than 150 words and I will send you a print by way of thanks.

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