Goudhurst wedding

I’ve really got some catching up to do. The blog has been neglected this year and the weddings have stacked up. I’ve gone back to those from last year and have chosen to feature Caroline and Matt’s Goudhurst wedding.

Goudhurst wedding

Goudhurst wedding

I really like Goudhurst and have some good memories of this beautiful Kent village from my teenage years. I had a friend at school who lived out there, quite close to St Mary’s Church where the ceremony took place. We had some good parties around there; probably a bit raucous for a small, rural village but great memories nonetheless. It still makes me smile every time I drive through Goudhurst.

I do genuinely love coming to small villages where everything is close at hand. Caroline’s mum lives just down the road from the church, so this is where I started. Nice and easy. Park up on the road, walk to the bridal prep, then walk the three minute journey to the church. After the ceremony, it was back to the house that was now the wedding reception venue with a marquee in the garden.

The house was nice and busy in the morning, just how I like it. Lots going on in a characterful, photogenic house with lots of scope for interesting images. I like being left to get on with things and I don’t mind a bit of craziness to the bridal prep. For me, it’s a better way of working than being in a quiet, cramped, nondescript hotel room where your every move is being tracked by a couple of grumpy bridesmaids, who have no desire to speak to you.

Anyway, the Goudhurst wedding party were a friendly bunch, with a sizeable Scottish contingent on Caroline’s side. I’ve photographed other weddings at St Mary’s Church and the one thing I always find refreshing, is that the vicar just lets you get on with your job. I’m always careful to operate quite discreetly when I’m in a church photographing a ceremony. That way, I get what I need, the vicar doesn’t notice me and everybody is happy.

After the ceremony, the guests made there way back to the house while I hung back with Caroline and Matt at the church for a couple of photos. As they cuddled up in front of the stonework outside, a little lad came rushing by on his scooter. I love moments like that where a member of the public finds their way in to a couple’s special day. It’s totally random and it could be left and not photographed, but I always look for these little comings-together.




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If you’re planning a Goudhurst wedding and are looking for unobtrusive, observational coverage of your wedding, do get in touch.

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