About Me

I've been a photographer for 25 years and my career started with sports photography, working for a couple of sports picture agencies, most notably Allsport which is now part of Getty Images. In that time, I travelled extensively photographing every kind of sport from tiddly winks to Champions League football and my work was published in newspapers and magazines all around the world.

Wishing to develop my own business more, I found myself drawn to wedding photography after being asked to photograph a couple of friend’s weddings. My first wedding was back in 2003 and I've photographed them every year since then.

Weddings are fantastic to photograph and always provide lots of interesting photo opportunities. I love the way that everyone is dressed up and ready to have a good time. For me, weddings are all about the people. Of course, it’s nice to have beautiful locations and decorations, but a wedding is a unique social occasion and that’s why my attention is always drawn to photographing the people at the wedding. I find that the most interesting pictures are storytelling ones involving the people who were there on the day to help celebrate the happy event.

Even though I've been a photographer all my working life, in 2015, I decided to top up my initial HND qualification to a Degree by going back to college. It wasn't easy keeping my work and studies going at the same time, but it was great to get back learning again and looking at things in a different way.

I also have another website www.craigprentis.com that I use for my landscape photography and a YouTube channel to go with it. You may also like to check out my #portrait365 project where I photographed one person every day for the whole year.